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Hi! I’m Oliver. I don’t know how meaningful I consider the term “full-stack” to be, but I do know that I love CSS and web standards just as much as I enjoy designing Cloud architecture, building scalable APIs, or optimising server throughput. I got into software development (after deciding I didn’t want to be a barrister) in about 2007 because I wanted to help make the web more accessible; that effort remains a large part of why I still love what I do.

I work at The Financial Times on the Advertising and Privacy team, where I’m having a blast building a new ad platform for the FT Group. You can read more about that journey in this series of articles on Project Gwyneth.

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In my free time I co-organise London CSS, coach at Codebar, and teach myself new tricks by building projects with tools, frameworks and technologies I find interesting. You can see a list of some of the things I’ve built on my projects page.

My wife and I live in North London together with Lesley the fox. You can follow Lesley’s adventures on Instagram (warning: danger of cute overload).

If you would like to natter, I can be found on Mastodon. My resume is available on LinkedIn.